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I don’t know exactly, what all of your iTeams are doing, Hawm Brothers. But I’m reading your blog for a long time now - and I think, I’m working in a familiar business. The most impressive paper is your MEDIOPOLITEN Party Paper, that’s really opened my eyes for the possibilities of our technologies in order to create an iWorld, no one had ever imagined to be realized in our lifetime. The revolution in the name of love and fair trade seems to be so near, when I’m reading or listening to your ideas!

So maybe you’ll try to go further on with an idea, I’ve sampled all my down from a Foxconn meeting in China. It could work to solve your problem trading with all of our corrupt morals playing their particular roles on our iSports Stages: Let’s start in the German Bundesliga - and let’s boost all the Ista-counters bringing their rates to a higher level than all the clubs have ever imagined since they were founded!

You know best, that all of us - and it doesn’t matter, whether we know or not - are working harder than all the sportsmen to save the success of our clubs and leagues. But all of us get less than nothing for that! Then I read, that Borussia Dortmund celebrates itself to be the strongest brand on the market. That really makes me wonder, how and whether our Brave New iWorld will ever learn to give all of our new generation iSlaves the chance to get just a little part of all the profits, that they make using, hunting and hurting our iMinds every single day.

Think of all the workers and tradesmen, who’ve realized the Russian Olympic Games without getting anything or a dumping price for their work. Our television and radio stations don’t cast the Tour de France because of mad doctor challenges - but they will never think of going without casting the Olympic Games! So just let’s set a warning sign starting with my idea. I think, it’s nearly as good as your famous iSpyders and your MEDIOPOLITAN iLove Satellite!

Regards, Peter Albrecht

P.S. I really like reading all of your information and educational stuff. But it’s time to bring our old world to a final end - starting the next level of human progress!

SPINTROTTER Reader Peter Albrecht (59 / Industrial Manager)
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