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Great gig yesterday in Ahlen / NRW / Germany, that has led me through a dark day for a dark knight – with a great Hardcore Kirmes Death Metal Combo from Emsdetten / NRW / Germany: New World Depression. The Storm Is Coming – gorgeous!

By the way I’ve met an old dear friend of mine, Matilda M. Jablonka (27). We were just talking about our SPINTROTTER Projects and she inspired me to hire a new member for our iTeams’ Chief Board. Can’t believe, that SY and me haven’t noticed before, that we need a financial expert in our iTeam to realize our iRevolution – although we just wanna burn the complete money of our Brave New iWorld down in order to create a Brand New iCoyne System. Our readers and followers have noticed that yet, I think. But Matilda just said: “Even if you just wanna burn all the money down, you need an expert filling your visions with life working for your own enterprise.”

So here we go, Matilda, our new Chief Economic Officer – and our third CEO working for SPINTROTTER.

Until now she was working as Industrial Manager for a big brand of our iMarket for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods – and she’s self-taught as SY, me and the most ones of our iTeams’ members. The best base to go further on with our MEDIOPOLITAN iRevolution, waltzing Matilda! Looking forward to a brand new start without SY – but with him in our iHearts and iMinds all day and night long.

The brotherhood of men (and women) grows and grows.
Thank you, iDudes!

Greets, TY

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